XISE Realistic Solid Petite Love Doll,

XISE Realistic Solid Petite Love Doll,

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Slide into a delightfully tight vagina and discover a textured inner canal to caress your length. Push yourself in to the inviting anus and experiment with the varying pleasure-ribs inside. Fantasies come true with this ultra-realistic sex doll. 

Realistic and Easy to clean

Tight yet stretchy,the textured anal passage is sensually structured to give you the fun of anal sex with minimum effort! 

The back hole makes the doll easy for cleaning.Warm water with soap would be fine.Mop dry before storage.

Petite Mini Size For Easy Handling

Weight:2.34 Pounds 
Doll size:7.5X 7.5 Inches 
Material:Medical grade TPR