Bubble butt Endurance Ass Masturbator

Bubble butt Endurance Ass Masturbator

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Practice makes perfect, especially in the bedroom. The Endurance ass was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms.

What does every great performer in the history of the world have in common? They all have hours of practice (under their belt). The problem with sexual performance is that there hasn't ever been an effective way to train... nuntil now.


You won't be able to resist shooting your load for long with this but the longer you can train yourself to endure without exploding, the longer you'll be able to maintain with the real thing.


Endure with this jack and you'll be a legend in the sack! The Endurance Ass comes with the sleek black case.


With guidance from the free downloadable PDF booklet, you can hone the skills of Brinksmanship, practise Psychological Diversions, even Improve and Explore Different Rhythms and Methods of penetration all in a unit that is so realistic that the transition will be seamless.