A Gay Man with Bubble butt

A Gay Man with Bubble butt

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thsmale sex doll

Why choose this punson male sex doll with dildo?

1. Material: The male torso sex doll with realistic dildo is made of super soft TPE.

2. Feature: The male sex doll with torso dildo, tight anal, plump a*ss and realistic testicles has realistic wrinkles, soft textured skin, and sexy butt curve.

3. Steel skeleton: The torso dildo built-in flexible and safe spine, the skeleton of this male sex dolls is wrapped in a plastic case to prevent metal from piercing the TPE.

4. This torso dildo can rotate 360 degrees, adjust it to whatever angle you want.

5. Size of dildo: 7.08in(An above-average size dildo), girth:4.72in.

6.Length of anal: 5.91in. ( Tighten anus with strong stimulation,be sure to apply plenty of lube).

7. Weight:36.5lb.(The half body male torso hip weight up to 36.5LB)

8. Color: Wheat

9.Perfect size: Height: 14.17in,waist:25.98in, hip:38.18in, Leg Girth:21.65in.

Please Rest Assured, We've improved the skeleton of the male sex doll's dildo.

torso dildo

Big & Bendable

The male torso dildo is fully bendable to almost any angle imaginable, so he hits the spot you need. You hold the d*ck tightly, which feels like a real man.

Satisfyingly firm dildo that's always ready for you to enjoy vaginally or anally.

Ultra-authentic sculpted design with chiselled muscular torso & pelvis

7.08 inch huge dildo with ridged head, veiny shaft & testicles for realistic penetration

sex doll for women

Super Real Huge Dildo

The lifelike man sex doll for gay men with plump ass design muscles,glans, vessels in the p-enis and two testicles are so real.

Man’s sex doll with 7.08inch insertable dildo and 4.72in girth.

men sex doll

Multiple Playing Styles

You can use him as breast sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex, whatever you want him to do, he will not say "NO".

Do you wanna find a male sex doll with testicles and a tight anus, he is designed for you! Chocolate-colored complexion, strong physique, bouncy hips, strong and firm legs, soft and flexible dildo, giving you a strong and powerful feeling, you will feel safe accompanied by this strong man.

It also has a realistic anus (5.91 inch anal depth). If you or your partner wants to have anal sex with it, it will certainly provide you with great help. Perfect for couples flirting, gay-masturbation, threesome or party play.It’s great to use for solo play or couples, an ideal sex toy for women, men, gay, couples.

realistic sex doll
man sex doll

Use & Clean:

1. To use longer, the material has light grease on the surface. It is recommended, after cleaning take baby powder on it to make long-term storage.

2. It is better to use lubricating oil when inserting for a better sex experience.

3. You can wear a condom for hygiene and cleanliness.

4. After use, clean the inside with your fingers with clear water and water-based cleaner, then dry it with a cloth and store it. or Use fresh water under temperature 40°c/104°f and some soap, wipe with soft and light color cloth, then let it air-dry. 

5.When storing are high temperatures and high humidity to avoid, please keep it in a clean and well-ventilated area clean up.

Warm Tips:

1.When using this sex doll with lubricant, it will be more comfortable, easier to penetrate, and have a better sexy experience.

2.This realistic male doll was shot indoors with led lights, not in natural sunlight, so there may be a little color difference when you receive it.

3. Every time you wash, use body wash, then wipe dry. Avoid exposing the realistic dildo doll to the sun. It is recommended to seal it in a clean bag after washing and drying, so that there will be no dust, and it will not crack due to long-term non-use and storage.