Presidential CBD Lubricants for Gay Men- Water Based-

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Would you like to enjoy anal sex more than ever ? Would you like the dick to smoothly slide in to your warm ass and deliver intense pleasurable experience to you? This Presidential CBD lubricant contains CBD and it relaxes your anal region to give you a pain-free experience whilst giving you an ecstatic feeling. 

You deserve a painfree and enjoyable anal sex. You deserve the best sex that exists on earth and our CBD lubricant would help transport you to paradise in a split second.



Why it is different from other lubricants


It contains CBD and this causes an increase of blood flow to the penis and this  can result in higher sexual arousal and explosive orgasms for both partners. CBD also wakes every little nerve ending, making every lick, stroke and grind during sex feel even more intense.
Many people have credited CBD lube for their improved sex drive and more intense orgasms.  
Research has, however, shown that there are some other sexy potential benefits associated with getting herbal in your intimate activities. CBD, and cannabis's other standout element, THC, work with the endocannibinoid system in your body, which controls homeostasis and "can effect everything from your mood to your appetite to your sex drive and your body’s response during sex,”

Lab Tested: We source our hemp-derived CBD direct from our partner farm located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We test our CBD through a 3rd party lab to ensure it is pesticide and heavy metal free for your safety. Every finished product is 3rd party lab tested for potency and safety


Proprietary Nanotechnology: Before we infuse our product with our lab tested CBD, we use a proprietary Nanotechnology application that makes our CBD water-compatible and truly absorbable. This means our CBD particle size is 2000x smaller than your pores

How our CDB Lubes makes Anal sex pleasurable

 Tame  and reclaim your sexuality with our Presidential Intimate Lubricant. Enhanced with 600mg of  organic CBD--the non-psychoactive cannabinoid many people count on to help with anxiety, pain and discomfort--


Our lube is water-based and helps moisturize delicate skin and minimize irritating dryness. You may notice a calming effect with CBD, helping you focus on the pleasures of intimacy; it may help soothe anal pain and ease discomfort from inflammation. When you calm your anxiety, relax your pelvic muscles and increase blood flow, you’ll be surprised how heightened your tactile pleasure sensations can become! As the CBD is absorbed, many users find their stress receding, replaced with the sweet experience of arousal and release.

: Our Lubricant is the first PhD-formulated, water-based CBD sexual health and wellness lubricant. 

Contains no oil, parabens, glycerin, alcohol, glycol, petrochemicals, silicone, fragrance or artificial coloring


In addition to potentially reducing pain and anxiety, many gay men have reported other sexually-related benefits to using our  CBD lube to bed including greater arousal and stronger orgasms.

Our CBD lube would help you experience stronger orgasms.

.How to use 

Shake before use. Apply 4-6 pumps to the penis or ass. For best results, apply 5-7 minutes before play time, game time, or you time.

Test on a small patch of exposed skin, before applying to your quim



Aloe Vera, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Allantoin, Plant-Derived Emulsifiers, Sunflower Oil, Hemp CBD (Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil), Mixed Phospholipids, Lactic Acid, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Potassium Sorbate, Stevia Rebaudiana Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Peony Root Extract, Passionflower Extract.