Hotstuff Automatic and Electronic Douche- Rechargeable

Hotstuff Automatic and Electronic Douche- Rechargeable

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Keep your ass fresh and delicious at all times. Keep the tops coming back for more .


Let loose a whirlpool of water inside your butt and swirl your way towards safe and hygienic anal play. Easy to use and offering two nozzles for your choice of cleansing spray style, the bulb holds 6.7 fl oz of water for a thorough flush every time.

 anal Cleansing

An essential for mess-free cleaning, use this douche's traditional tip for a direct stream of water or the rounded nozzle for a massaging spray. Both ends are contoured for comfort during your cleaning session.


Silicone Cleaner Anal


Squeeze the bulb and submerge it in water, then relax the pressure to suck water into the bulb.




Slick both your anus and the tip of the douche with water-based anal lubricant for smooth insertion.

Key Features:

  • Anal douche kit with two different nozzles for your choice of cleaning
  • Choose between a massaging spray or more direct water stream
  • Squeezable bulb holds up to 6.7 fl oz of water
  • Slim nozzle for easy insertion
  • Perfect for fans of anal sex and anal toy play

Easy To Use

Step 1:Unscrew the upper part of the device and fill the bottle with water.

Step 2:Screw the cap of the bottle, make sure the water does not get out.

Step 3:Insert the enema bulb gently into your body for cleansing.

Step 4:Hold down the power button for 2s to turn on the enema and single-click to choose the spraying intensity, that’s all!

►Make sure to clean it before and after each use, please use mild soap and a damp cloth to wipe it clean.