Will it damage your An*s if you have sex everyday/

My boyfriend likes having sex every day which isn’t bad since guys are mostly always horny and I like satisfying boyfriend, he has a very big c*ck, I’m talking 8.5 and in person it looks so big, and he likes going hardcore every night, the thing is that all it does is not allow the hole to go back to it’s normally state and it’s always kinda stretched opened perfect for sex, because if you stop for a few days the anus goes back to being closed and tight, but yeah my boyfriend loves seeing the damage he does with that huge cock of his, I’m always bottom and I like it, he’s always top and is way more masculine, he’s really manly and muscular,


Years ago when I about 19 0r 20 I was dating a much old man and I was always horny. So I started to use dildos and vibrators every day at one point I was using a dildo that was 5in by 10in and this became my daily routine at one point my boyfriend said he couldn't cum because I was to stretched out and made me promise I would stop. That night he did manage to cum in me and I asked him to fuck my ass one final time with my biggest dildo . It took a week or so but it slowly went back to it normal size well almost I was always able to take any size cock with no trouble after that . Bigger is better. So no permanent damage just not as tight as it should be.

In response to the question above, gay men and many women have proven this claim false. If you really live your partner you will do it and you would not damage your hole.