What is the best way to masturbate for maximum pleasure ?

Step 1


First turn yourself on and get a Hard on(obviously) . YOU might want to get completely naked and Lie on your bed/sofa and relax first. I always feel far more pleasure when I am completely flat on bed and not standing over the toilet. then start stroking your penis slowly and gently. Then spit on the palm of the hand and rub it all over you penis head and its body, even under its skin.(Here's a bonus tip: if you have a bottle whose opening is just smaller than your girth and long enough, try spitting a lot into the bottle and place it over your dick while it is flaccid, as it becomes erect, it will get a tight stronghold by the bottle opening and then start stroking the bottleup and down!) Increase your stroking rate over time and keep spitting again and again if even the spit starts rolling down your legs(won't really happen as your penis absorbs a whole lot!)if you are confident enough, spit right onto the head of the penis and keep stroking. As soon as you are about to cum, stop stroking for 10 sec, keep repeating this over and over until you can't stop the cum coming out.



To get the maximum feeling mastubation for me, is by edging. Edging is slow soort of mastubation, enjoying all the very nice feelings of mastubation, without rushing to the end. Enjoying every stroke, being aware of the tingling feelings in the prostate, slow building up the sexual tension, slowing down the movements and stimulation when the orgasm is almost there, keeping very close the orgasm, as close as possible.

Sometimes I am so close to the edge, a first contraction of a upcoming orgasm occurs. By stopping all stimulation it flows away; leaving some sperm drop at the top of the penis. Beeing that close to my orgasm, is the goal, long beeing there; (15,30,45 minutes) very very close to a orgasm.

Edging is enjoying the WAY, (indeed; the way) to a orgasm. The orgasm, at the end of that road, is the one thing to avoid. Edging is slow masturbation, going on and on; knowing a orgasm destroying the fun.

Try to become conscious of the sexual tension building up in your genitals. Feel and enjoy the pressure building up in your balls, enjoy the tingling in your genitals, enjoy your sexual exstasis, feel the pleasant urge and lust to blow your load. All the time avoiding yourself to go over the point of no return.

Edging, in a sense it has something of punishing yourself, by not allowing your genitals to relax. Edging is being STRICT to yourself, to have NOT that warm smooth feeling; the sperm flowing through your semen tubes, NOT allowing yourself that amazing feeling your hot load shooting through your urethra. Giving yourself NOT that feeling and bliss of blowing your load.

Edging, maybe is a soort of SM… lol! When I have a session, (anything between 20-60min.) some times over a few days, (without orgasms) I soner or later, I like to give myself my my reward and have my relieving orgasm. And most of the time the second not very long after it

Sometimes, after a time without relief I really like to force my very last semen out. (really not always) after a few hours I give myself a orgasm again and one more, trying to really drain my balls until there is no single spem left. That very last orgasm, usually with a magic wand; a very strong vibrator, and sometimes a second strong one at my anus/perenium, having a almost dry orgasm. (Usually my third orgasm)

At the last orgasm are the contractions of my genitals a little unpleasant and my empty balls hurt al little for a while… but it feels like a victory. (Sometimes really, I am a mad!) That unpleasant feel in my balls (or prostate?) is after a hour or what away, having than a nice ‘empty’ feeling.

But in that way I think you will have the most out of your masturbation…. Enjoy!


Ps. Sometimes I experienced that after a long session of beeing aroused, around the point of no return, holding back my ejaculation, not allowing to orgasm, nature wants to take over, by lowering the amount of stimulation needed to go over the point of no return.

It seems, the line between a orgasm or not, becomes very, thin. After a long session, all of a certain, sometimes my ejaculation will start without much of a warning. Then, slowly starts a fow of semen out of my urethra, without the strong well-known pleasurable orgasm contractions, with no, or just very shallow prostate contractions; seed start to flow out my urethra…. A really ruined orgasm!

Then I don't touch my penis, not squeezing my pc muscles, just relaxing, as much as possible, letting it go, and to enjoy it as it goes and flows. Really a wonderful experience, nature taking over! It is clear that such a 'orgasm' don't fully emptys the genitals. After such a experience to me, it is possible to cool somewhat down for a few minutes or so, and mastubate myself to a next orgasm and a full ejaculation. Very satisfying!