What happens to the sperm when he cums inside you?

So you were having an intimate session with your man and he cums inside you? It feels warm and good by the way.

Sex and love can be messy, and whether or not you're in a committed relationship, one advantage of using condoms is that it keeps things clean in the aftermath (literally!).


Condom use should always be encouraged until all partners have been tested for STIs and given a clean bill of health. Once you're past that, the good news is that semen is safe and simple; containing mostly water, fructose (a type of sugar), secretions from the prostate, testicles, and glands, and of course, sperm

. Although some people can be allergic to their partner's semen, most don't have any bad of reaction to it, and ejaculated semen is harmlessly absorbed into the receiver's body, or released back out of the anus. (It drips out)


A bit of the water is absorbed by the lining of the rectum. The remainder will eventually be moved out with the next regular bowel evacuation. The conditions in the rectum aren’t what the sperm need to want to travel upstream to a non-existent egg.