Video- How to Orgasm Handsfree

Step 1


Get yourself some good headphones, these videos use binaural beats to trigger deeper experience and kinda hypnotize you in the erotic trance. 

Check this video (super NSFW) to get you mentally prepared

Just lay down, relax, dim your lights and play the video from start to finish. 

As you watch the video, breathe deeply in your belly.

Inhalation should increase arousal, exhalation and contracting your belly and chest will spread the sensations throughout the body.

When you get close, imitate what you do when you cum and fake your body into orgasm:

  • Pump and relax your penis quickly as you would when ejaculating
  • Contract and tremble your butt muscles, flex your legs
  • Hold your breath or take quick, shallow ones

You may be able to cum just from this experience.

Personalized Experience Approach- Porn video needed


That’s why think back or research the deepest sexual fantasy that the most arouse you.

Don’t filter it – if it’s taboo, still go with it. 

The key is to find really forbidden fantasy, that if experienced would trigger you to have the hardest erection and the most intense orgasm.

You got it? Okay, now find the porn video that you enjoy.

Press play, relax and start watching it.

Take everything in the scene, the people, sounds…

And here’s the crucial element:

Visualise yourself being that guy in the video.

If your partner  moans, imagine that it’s you who makes him moan.

If your partner orgasm, imagine it’s you who’s making your partner to cum.

The deeper you get into the role the better. 

To me, I found that the best trigger to orgasm without touching myself is to find videos where a guy is making lots of noises and orgasming a lot of times.this would trigger your emotions  

Search for: “male orgasm compilation” (NSFW). I love seeing natural and beautiful men orgasms, they drive me crazy.

This specific video helped me a lot to understand how I can move to more whole-body experience. I used it to get better #6 Sex Transmutation technique.

Then, seeing a Man giving a blowjob with juicy sounds and me imagining it’s my penis… Hearing her commanding you to cum triggers the ejaculation. 

Make use of your mirror neurons and triggers.

When you see other guy’s penis stroked, it can easily trigger yourself into ejaculation too, because we’ve trained ourselves subconsciously to always associate jerking off with ejaculation. 

Oh, and do the same deep breathing and contractions as recommended in guided video approach.