The best sex position that hits the P-spot

I'm a bottom/verse, and I love getting fucked. The problem is that most of the time my tops don't hit my prostate so I don't get off from anal. What positions do y'all use to hit that sweet spot?


A sexual position for men that like exploring . The man receiving gets on the bed and into the  walk position (lie on your back and lift yourself up with your hands and feet). The other man stands at the edge of the bed and inserts his penis into the man's anus on the bed while at the same time bending down to perform fellatio on the man on the bed.

The giver lies down on his back with legs stretched and the receiver sits down in his partner’s lap facing him. The receiver should lean backwards with stretched hands behind himself so that he can balance himself in the position
. The most important thing is the flexibility of giver’s penis, so once you get into the position the receiver had better move back slowly to prevent any injuries and also the giver should use his legs to control how far the receiver leans back. Still, the receiver generally has the control in this sex position, he gently brings his body up and down and grinds on his partner by thrusting his own buttocks back-and-forth and also rotating his hips gives extra stimulation.
Additionally, the giver can contribute to the play by thrusting and grabbing his partner’s hips, grinding him back and forward, and also, he can give hand-job to the receiver easily. The giver can use a masturbator to blow his partner away as this position is really suitable to use it