Shocking :The most Sensitive part of the Penis and How to stimulate it

Discover the  Most Sensitive Part of the Penis

The penis is a really sensitive organ with several nerve endings. Those nerve endings are distributed between 3 zones: the penile skin, the glans and the foreskin (the layer of skin that cover the glans, also called prepuce). A thin layer of skin called the frenulum attach the foreskin to the glans. The transition between in the inner and outer foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis1. That’s why stroking and thrusting motion makes men ejaculate.

Circumcision is the act of removing the foreskin. So, for circumcised men, the circumcision scar is generally the most sensitive part1. Still, the uncircumcised foreskin is more sensitive than the circumcision scar. This finding would suggest that circumcision reduces penile sensitivity. 

The sensitive part of the penis

Penile Skin

The skin that covers the penis shaft is full of nerve endings. Still, the shaft’s skin is less sensitive than the glans and foreskin.


The glans penis is the pink bulbous structure partially covered by the foreskin of uncircumcised men. It has a high concentration of free nerve endings particularly sensible to deep pressure and pain2.

Foreskin (Prepuce)

The foreskin, or prepuce, is the layer of skin that cover the glans. Circumcision is a foreskin removal surgery. It is often performed for religious reasons. Circumcised men do not have a prepuce, but a circumcision scar instead. This circumcision scar is the most sensitive part of the penis for them.

For uncircumcised men, where the outer prepuce skin section meets the inner part is the most sensitive part. At the start of the inner section, there’s a ridged band composed of neuroreceptors particularly sensible to fine-touch3. The best way to stimulate those nerves is by uncovering and covering the glans with the foreskin. In simpler terms, it means masturbation strokes. During intercourse, the stroking motion inside the vagina replicate the hand strokes.


Another sensitive part of the penis is the frenulum. The frenum is the thin band of skin that attaches the foreskin to the glans. It starts at the meatus, the opening from where urine and sperm are expelled. Some specialists suspect that the length of the frenulum could play a role in the penis sensitivity. Indeed, a short frenulum can be a potential cause of premature ejaculation


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