schedule 1


Public Notice !! Public Notice !! - Suivant to an Decree Mandate by Judge QC Prest - july 3-2020



schedule 1 as sent in by deborah wilkinson by the way  of  an     order   dated 3-/july  2020 by by      district  judge   Qc prest  in the busness and                                            property  court in leeds , mr      dexy  c h id era   e g erue  was order ed  by the cou urt not to      pass of products   as genuine              bathmate   and or hydromasx  produts                   which are not manufactured           or approved by ultramax                                     products  limited  of unit 1 calder vale      road,      horb ury,  wakfield          wf4 5er             and not                                      thereby  infringe          the following  registerd                          trademarks                                     which            belong  to ultramax  limited  00002380686 ,  eu  trade  mark   010390904


In further advancement to compliance and in accordance with the decree stating that there should be on no grounds a importation or merchandise or use or destruction or any commercial announcement,notice that would cause any jeopardy against the appellation of ultramax,bathmatehydromax by the names above pursuant a mandatory injuction awarded by Judge Qc Prest . This notice is to be in line with the legislative mandate above with no prejudice and to pour out the  full compliance and commitment to obedience and loyalty to the jurisdiction that has instructed the ban against any activity that would consequently lead to a blemish or degrade of designation ultramax or hydromax 

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