Public Notice !! Public Notice !! - Suivant to an Decree Mandate by Judge QC Prest - july 3-2020

To maintain Goodwill and ultramax proprietary protection all with good intention . The main and strong purpose or the object of exercise  of this notice is to be in strong commensurate and conformity, also  to bring to the glare of publicity a Mandate and a decree by His Excellency and Justice -Judge Qc Prest siting in the Palais de justice , High law court or judicature of Leeds on the 03-07-2020 as dated on the Legal mandate . Dexy C egerue or anyone in suivant to his  directive upon hotstuf 4 guys or instructions of what ever sort has been strongly mandated to follow a requisition , required to obediently with all diligence comply with  the strong put down decree stopping a violation , breach of peace or indulgence in false pretence leading to marque brand  or proprietary name  destruction of 'Ultramax' [EU010390904,UK00002380686

In further advancement to compliance and in accordance with the decree stating that there should be on no grounds a importation or merchandise or use or destruction or any commercial announcement,notice that would cause any jeopardy against the appellation of ultramax,bathmatehydromax by the names above pursuant a mandatory injuction awarded by Judge Qc Prest . This notice is to be in line with the legislative mandate above with no prejudice and to pour out the  full compliance and commitment to obedience and loyalty to the jurisdiction that has instructed the ban against any activity that would consequently lead to a blemish or degrade of designation ultramax or hydromax