PHOTOS- 4 New Masturbation styles to try

#1 – Tickling The Frenulum Method

I’m pretty sure you’ve never tried this one before… 😉

It’s gonna take a while for you to reach orgasm, but when you do, you’ll have one of the most intense eruptions you’ve ever experienced.

With all of these techniques, it’s best not to ejaculate for some time to achieve higher pleasure. Charge your penis up as I like to think about it.

Where is frenulum located?

Yep, it’s that little line that connects your glans with your foreskin.

You shouldn’t use any external stimulation (no porn) since you want to focus on your own bodily experiences.

You’ll thank me later, it will lead you to higher levels of pleasure. 

Lay down or sit back and relax all your body.

Get yourself hard. Put one finger on your frenulum and start massaging it with a gentle, circular motion.

At first, you won’t feel much, but as you keep relaxing and becoming more present in your body your sensations will increase.

I’m not sure how it feels for a lady when her clitoris gets stimulated, but this seems similar. 

So yeah, do to your frenulum, what you would do to girl’s clitoris.

Depending on how long time has passed since you ejaculated, it will take 10-20 minutes for you to cum. Just keep going with the same motion and enjoy the sensations.

Resist the urges to stroke your whole penis or increase the speed.

If you want to have even more intense pleasures, you also can:

  • Use a vibrator instead of your finger
  • Use the free arm to massage your perineum  balls, anus, or nipples.

After a while, you’ll sense the frenulum orgasm slowly approach. Keep going.

Soon enough, you’ll experience a powerful orgasm which you can extend by continuing to rub yourself through it…!

Just maybe…this will become your new favorite way to please yourself! 

And, it’ so simple!

One way to upgrade it is with edging. Get close to point of no return and let yourself calm down a bit. Repeat for a few times.

The final time when you do ejaculate orgasm will be even more intense.

#2 – The Rosy Palm Method

It’s called Rosy Palm technique because you’ll be rubbing the head of your penis against the palm of your hand.

The head of the penis is the most sensitive area on your penis, and it cannot bear too strong stimulation.

Be gentle and explore the glans.

Use a lot of lubrication

This is how it would look like.

Again, be sure to take your time, relax your body, ideally not use the porn and if you’ll refrain from ejaculation for several days, sensations will be better.

Lay down or sit down and get yourself erect.

Once erect, grab your dick in one hand and use your other lubricated hand to palm the head of your penis and gently circle it around.

Relax your body, close your eyes and focus on sensations.

If you relax your penis you’ll feel intense pleasures but it will probably take quite a while for you to get anywhere close to ejaculation.

Enjoy it. Focus on how other parts of your body feel. Try moving that sexual energy around your body. 

Keep this same stimulation, mix the intensity and when you’ll cum, you’ll do so powerfully.

The sensations will be completely new and this technique will take a little time to master. 

The biggest culprit is the glans sensitivity. Keep exploring till you find enjoyable ways to rub your glans.

Update:  I’ve been playing with this trick..and have discovered that I can easily mix it with non-ejaculatory orgasm. 

You know how after active stroking and not cumming sometimes balls hurt? Well, it’s because of stroking…!

So if you just keep touching the head without stroking…and then when you are close… You can cross the legs (make sure balls are under legs), squeeze them and get yourself to orgasm.

If you really squeeze legs tight and try to contract Kegel muscles – you gonna orgasm, but NOT ejaculate…! And…on top of that balls won’t hurt because you didn’t stroke.

IF I masturbate this is my new favorite way… It took few tries to tighten my legs just right, but man…it’s epic.

#3 – Hands-Free Orgasm: Cum Without Touching Tactic

Okay, this is the most fun experiment you’ll probably ever do.

Can you cum without touching yourself?

If you could, how would it feel?

Well, you can and it feels incredible to manipulate your arousal and body like that.

If you attempt a hands-free orgasm and are unable to reach it, you’ll need to abstain from any sexual stimulation for up to 7 days to charge up your sexual drive.

#4– The Two-Hander & Whole Neighbourhood Method

We’re right in the middle and this one will mix a lot of masturbation ideas that you can use to explore yourself and discover new ways of arousal.

The Two-Hander Technique

If your penis erect is long enough you can grab it with two hands. Even if the second hand doesn’t completely cover the penis don’t worry.

Make sure you lube your hands or penis really nice.

There are several things you can do here:

  • Use one hand to stimulate the base of your penis and the second hand to stimulate the head (similar to Rosy Palm). 
  • Grip your penis with both hands and screw it in opposite directions.
  • Use two-handed grip, screw hands in the opposite direction and add up/down motion.
  • Put your penis between your palms and move the hands in opposite directions (check the picture below).
  • Penis bend – use one or both hands to grab penis and bend it on different sides. Find what causes the most pleasure. It feels really good when you’re aroused.


Go to your favorite porn website and search keywords like “best handjob ever”.

You can learn quite a bit by seeing pro female pornstars taking care of penises.

You’ll pick a lot of new ideas there! A never-ending stream of ideas!

Explore The Whole Neighborhood Techniques

Ok, Ok, it’s not really a technique, but a set of ideas to try. 

Men are creatures of habit.

Chances are you’re always jerking off with the same hand, the same way.

This gets boring fast.

There is no excitement – just focus on releasing the tension.

You must relearn masturbation if you want to gain more pleasure from it.

First, become curious!

Instead of trying to quickly reach the goal, play around with the whole neighborhood:

  • Massage your balls, notice how it feels
  • Stretch the skin under the balls
  • Softly move your fingers barely touching the hairs on the balls
  • Caress your thighs
  • Explore your perineum area (between anus and balls) and notice the sensations it gives you.
  • Use your other hand to rub yourself

Don’t use fantasies or porn while you are doing this. Your goal is to be with yourself, and notice arousal slowly rise.

When you take your time, you’ll notice that masturbation and orgasm becomes a lot more pleasurable and starts to spread to other body areas, not just genitals.

Since your teenage years chances are you’ve always just quickly jerked off, focused on reaching and that’s about it. 

But now, focus on the journey, not the destination. A new world will open to you.