One secret way to find out if your boyfriend is cheating

It hurts to discover that your man is cheating on you especially if you are in a monogamous relationship. It hurts more if they finally infect you afterwards

One of our followers turned customer gave up on finding love because his partner infected him with HIV .One of the ways to find out of your man is cheating is to Pay attention to his body language 

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Pay attention to his body language. Your man's body language can go a long way in telling you how he feels about you, and if he's really thinking about someone else instead of you. Here are a few signs that he may be cheating on you:

  • If he doesn't make eye contact when you talk. If he used to be Mr. Eye Contact, but now he always looks away or at the floor when you speak, then he may be doing it out of guilt.
  • If he doesn't give you affection. If he used to shower you with affection but rarely touches you, this is a red flagand  sign that he is seeing someonelse
  • If he shows you affection in private, but not in public. Though some guys are just shy about showing affection in public, if he's all over you when you're home, or even when you're home and hanging out with a few friends, but stands a foot away from you when you're out in the public, he may be worried that his other partner will spot you two together.