New Creative and Enjoyable ways to Masturbate

Masturbation seems like an activity most males learn how to engage in without the need for any tutor according to While one might not need to be taught how to masturbate, you might soon start getting diminishing returns when all you make use of just a couple of techniques while masturbating.

We know the average guy always wants to try something new while masturbating. So, we have put together some advanced male masturbating techniques. They are;

Double Fisted

This technique was designed for very endowed men. This means it might not work for you if you are on the small side. This technique is great because it brings you close to the feeling of actual sex.

Individuals that have their foreskin on can stimulate their foreskin, as well as the base of their cock with this technique. You do not need to have a foreskin to enjoy this technique as it helps you get pleasure on every part of your penis instead of just some part of it.

The Pincher

The sight of this technique might make some people assume they will be pinching their cock. If this is what you assume, then, you are wrong.

In this method of masturbation, you will be focusing on your penis head. This might feel like extra work for some people. Nonetheless, it makes a lot of sense as no part of your cock is as sensitive as your penis head.

To get started, simply position your thumb and fingers around your penis head. They should meet at the point your penis shaft and glans meet. This technique will almost feel like you are pinching the head of your cock.

Once you have the position right, you simply need to do some massaging.

Thumb Fun

Are you looking to stimulate your frenulum but do not want to get involved in any complications? This method will be great. 

You will need lube for this technique. Furthermore, you will be engaging in the classic masturbation method. However, this time, your fist should be loose. In addition to having your fist lose, your thumb should be positioned under your cock.

Once you have the position right, get your cock pumped normally. This should be done at the same time as stroking under your penis using your thumb. With this method, you are sure of having intense ejaculation.

The Grand National

Also known as the Kentucky Derby, the Grand National technique of jerking off is one that will be a lot easier if you make use of lube. 

To get started with this method, hold your penis and have your fist positioned at its base. With one fist at its base, the other fist should be used in holding its other end. This grip should be quite loose. With this, you will have a degree of free space. This, however, should not worry you.

With this method, your hips will need to work as your hand will form a tunnel. Once you have the tunnel formed, your hips will need to do some pumping. If you are looking to masturbate but have the feel of being involved in actual sex, this technique will come in very handy.


This technique might not be the easiest technique for masturbating. It, however, is one of the easiest. Also, you do not have to use a lube for this. 

To masturbate with this technique, your index finger and thumb should be positioned around your penis shaft. This will form a ring that is similar to the gesture you make when you are trying to give someone the okay signal. Once you have the right position, the next thing you need to do is move back and forth on your penis shaft. This movement will create friction you will find pleasurable.

If you have been masturbating for a while but have never made use of this technique, then, you can be certain you will get a different experience when you do things with the OK technique. The reason for this is the up and down movement of your skin is responsible for a great amount of the pleasure you feel. Additionally, this method does not put so much attention on your cock’s head. This way, you can last longer if you struggle with premature ejaculation. 

Although there are no rules that say you must use lube when doing this, you most likely will have a smoother process if you make use of lube.

The Classic

This is perhaps the most popular masturbation technique and is one most people make use of the first time they give masturbation a try. When masturbating with this technique, it is up to you to make use of lube or not. Now, there are various ways people masturbate. Nonetheless, this can be said to be the easiest.

To make use of this technique in masturbating, you simply need to hold your cock like you are holding a bottle. With this technique, there will be slight contact between your fingers and thumb when your hand is wrapped around your cock. Although you will need a firm grip, your grip should not be too hard.

With the right grip, go ahead and move up and down steadily. This action will create a friction that you will find comfortable. This pleasure will be felt around your penis head and will end up making you ejaculate.

While at this, you do not have to use lube. However, using lube will be better if you are circumcised. On the other hand, if you are not circumcised, there will be no point in making use of lube. 

The Boxer Rub

This technique is another one that does not require a lube. This method of masturbating is great for anyone that is not looking to get naked while masturbating. While it gives you the freedom to have your clothes on, you will need to clean up when you are done. 

To get started with this technique, you will need to have soft and silky shorts on. Once you have these shorts on, your penis should be erect in them. While this method does not need you to put on tight boxers, things get a lot easier when the boxers are quite tight. At this point, all you need to do is gently rub your penis’ sensitive head without having skin to skin contact.

The gentle contact between your sensitive penis and your soft shorts can make you ejaculate very easily.

If you are circumcised, then, you will most likely not have any challenge while at this. However, if you are not circumcised, and your foreskin retracts, there might be a need to have it pulled back before you embark on this masturbation technique.

Balling the Jack

To get the best out of this technique, you will need to work with a lube. Furthermore, it is quite a break from the norm. To get started with this, you will have to hold your cock’s head with one hand. This is a lot better when you have a good amount of lube in that hand. Your other hand should be busy on your balls and working on your cock’s lower half.

When you do this, you will end up stimulating your penis’ bottom. That, however, is not all you will do. You will also successfully pull your penis’ foreskin with every stroke.

The Arm Slide

This method does not just need your fingers and palm. It needs your forearm to be brought into the picture. This technique involves you sliding the head of your penis up and down your forearm. You will need a lube to get the best out of this. With the right amount of lube, you will have a good degree of relaxation and pleasure.

There are various ways to stroke your penis while at this. Things, however, will be easy and pleasurable if you stroke your penis’s underside in downward motions.

This technique of jerking off might not work for everyone. However, if you have smooth arms, it will work just well for you. On the other hand, if you have hairy arms, it just might not be the best for you.

Do Not Neglect the Balls

When masturbating, a lot of people simply focus on their penis and leave their balls seeking attention. Although lots of people do not give much-needed attention to their balls. You must note that the balls are very sensitive and should not be left out of the entire experience.

This technique involves playing with your balls while masturbating. There are various ways to get this done. You could tickle your balls, massage them, or cup them.

The Helmet Polish

This technique is simple and needs you to make use of lube. It is simply focused on your cock’s tip. Since it focuses on the tip of your cock, the feeling of ejaculation is very sensitive.

To get started with this, hold the middle or base of your penis with your hand. Go ahead to position your free palm on the head of your cock. This will be sensitive. You, therefore, might want to use a good amount of lube when jerking off with this technique.

Livin’ on the Edge

This technique is one that sort of gives you good control over your body. Why is this? The reason is it leads you towards orgasm. However, instead of allowing orgasm to occur, you stop just on time. So, it can be likened to living at the edge. Beyond having a good degree of control over your body, when using this technique, you might want to use lube.

To get on with this technique, the first thing you have to do is select a masturbation technique you are most comfortable with. Once you choose a technique, go ahead and masturbate until you are about to ejaculate. Now, unlike other techniques in which you let yourself ejaculate, with this technique, put a stop to the entire process when you feel like you are about to ejaculate. Although you will feel like touching your cock, ensure you do not touch it.

The aim of this technique is not to have an orgasm but to simply have an intense orgasm. So, before letting yourself ejaculate, you might want to keep at this about three times.

The Lefty

This method was designed for men that have their left hand as their dominant hand. So, if you fall into this category of men, you might want to pay more attention to this technique. Making use of your dominant hand gives an uncommon sensation that makes you enjoy the entire process very differently.

Twisty Nipple

To a large extent, male nipples have no role in biology. They, however, are not useless. They play a role in sexual arousal. Just like women, men can also experience nipple orgasm. This might seem strange. It, however, is a simple truth.

So, next time you are masturbating, you might want to take the entire experience to a new level by keeping your nipples busy. Feel free to do whatever you want with them. Twist them, rub them, or flick them.

The nipples are sensitive. They, therefore, might begin to feel a little too sensitive after a while. To avoid being uncomfortable. You might have to make use of a lube.

The Milker

To make use of this technique, you will need to be quite an expert at masturbating. It can be quite tricky. However, once you get used to it, things will go on very smoothly.

Get started by interlocking your fingers in a way that makes your palms connect at the top. Go on and position your palms’ bottoms together. Your thumb should face up while you do this.

Once you have this position right, you will have succeeded in developing a hole for milking your penis. With this technique, your grip will have to be tight. It, however, does not need to get too tight. The pressure you apply is dependent on your penis girth and how tight you want it.