Must Read ;How To Be A Good Kisser

Many years ago, I kissed a guy and ended up with a swollen and sensitive lip. In fact I don’t even think we did any kissing, it was more like he was sucking on my lower and upper lip aggressively which led to my bruised lips. I couldn’t eat/drink anything hot, warm or too cold for two weeks. I didn’t end up giving him any feedback about his poor performance.



I’m doing this so another innocent man or woman doesn’t end up with a busted lip.

When it comes to kissing, remember to keep it light and fluffy. Kissing is a very sensual activity and you need to relax in order to enjoy it. To get rid of the tension, give your partner an eskimo kiss like the gif below. This will make you guys comfortable and playful.

Eskimo kiss: When you rub the tip of your nose against your partner’s.

  • Chap-stick

Don’t think nor attempt to kiss anyone with crusted lips, this is an indictable offence. Okay it is not, but please don’t. You need your lips kissable and this means that it has to be soft as a baby’s bottom. It is the right thing to do, and if for some odd reason your partner also has chapped lips, be a Good Samaritan, offer them some Chap-stick too.

Women: I suggest wearing a lip balm or lip gloss that taste and smells good. This will make your lips fuller and pillow soft. Be careful and find a smell that won’t upset your partner.

Men: I recommend using any chap-stick you want. I personally love Burt’s Bees and you can buy here >

Note: Don’t forget to brush and use mouth wash before so your breath doesn't stink. You don’t want to turn them off, so stay clean and fresh

  • Positioning is key

When it comes to positioning, remember to slightly tilt your head and mirror your partner. If your partner’s face is tilted to the right side, you tilt your head to the left side. It is important to understand this. Now whoever takes the lead, will have their partner’s upper lip between their lips (just like the man in the photo above), while the woman kisses the man’s lower lip. Don’t put your entire mouth over theirs, that is not kissing. If your partner kisses you gently, mirror them and kiss them passionately. If they are a bit aggressive, then match up. Like they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Note: Relax your jaw and open your mouth more, because every kiss is supposed to get deeper. Open-mouthed kisses are sensual and adds to the whole experience.

  • Close your eyes

Your partner will definitely freak out when they open their eyes and realize that you have been staring at them the entire time you guys were making out. On the plus side, this is where sensory deprivation comes into play. When you lose a sense, your other senses gets heightened. In this case, when you lose your sense of sight, your sense of touch and taste is heightened. So my friend, don’t be distracted, close your eyes and enjoy the activity.

  • Use your hands

As you kiss your partner, touch their face, neck, and shoulders with your hands. Run your right hand through their fingers and use your left hand to gently cup their buttocks. Your hands aren’t meant to remain idle, use them to tease your partner and this will heighten the anticipation and make them want you more.


Men: Use your masculinity. Women love it when a man takes control, so when you kiss her, make sure she knows that you in control, at least at that moment. Hold her face with both hands, and kiss her passionately. You are in charge, make her follow your lead and she will.

  • Easy with the saliva

When it comes to kissing, there is already enough saliva in the equation, so you honestly don’t need extra. First start by planting a kiss on their cheek, then kissing your way down to their neck and bite it a little. Use your thumb to gently rub their lips horizontally and then in a circular motion. Then take your right hand behind their head, hold for support and plant your first kiss. Go back to nibbling on their neck, keep them waiting and wanting more, they will understand. While doing that, grab their hair and gently play with it

  • Kissing is like dancing

When it comes to dancing, it is important for both partners to be in sync with each other and the same goes for kissing. Like I said, kissing is a sensual activity so it needs to feel like you are making love but with your lips. You need to have the same rhythm as your partner. Breathe into your partners skin as you kiss their cheeks, then gently graze your lips on their neck. Then kiss your way from the Adam’s apple back to their lips and bite with caution. Kiss them like its your last time and if you are getting tired, take a breather by going back to the eskimo kiss or just plant kisses around their face.

  • Don’t overwhelm them with your tongue

This is why it is important to pay attention and understand cues. If your partner is into tongue kissing, then go ahead and use your tongue every time you kiss them. However, there are people who aren’t big fans of tongues when it comes to kissing, and that is fine. Just make sure, you know what they are into so you don’t ruin the mood. If your partner doesn’t have a problem with that, let your tongue come out to play every time you open your mouth to kiss them.


Not only are you brushing your lips against theirs but your tongues are kissing also. You can also suck on their tongue like the gif below.

I repeat, this is a sensual activity, so don’t rush the process but take your time and enjoy it. Remember what I said about positioning, you don’t have to be in one position. You can tilt your head to the left and plant a kiss, and next second, you can tilt your head to the right and give your partners lower lip a bite (which leads us to the next point)

  • Lip bites are sexy

Lip bites are a yes but you have to thread lightly. When engaging in an open-mouthed kiss, incorporate some lip biting into it in an unexpected way. Your partner shouldn’t be able to predict your next move. Don’t be afraid to bite your partner’s lips, because if you don’t, who will? As you bite their bottom lip, add a bit of suction as well. Everyone likes a bit of suction.

I hope you learnt a few things from this article and together, we can create a world that’s bruised lips free. Next time you are kissing someone, don’t forget to kiss like you are making love


Source; Psiloveyou