Is Your Crush Gay? (5 Obvious and Subtle Signs That He Is Gay)

You know how it is when you have a crush. You just seem to develop a superpower overnight and gain a sense of hyperawareness. It doesn’t apply to anyone else and only ever works when your crush is involved, but your observation skills quadrupled in level so much that you notice every little thing about him. You see it all, and everything seems to be amplified in your point of view.

But seeing all these details about your crush can both be a gift and a curse. On one hand, you can easily pick up on the things that he likes. But on the other hand, you can also see things that crush all your hopes.

Things such as the way he sits, the slang he uses, the way his hands flick when he picks up his glass, or the music he listens to.

These observations of yours begin to form suspicions in your mind.

Is your crush’s refined manner of crossing his legs when he’s sitting down just a sign that he’s poised? Does he use gay slang words out of habit? Does he flick his hands when he picks up his glass because he’s just classy like that? Is it just a coincidence that he likes to listen to Lady Gaga’s music?

Or can those be signs that he’s actually gay?

Obviously, if he does all of that it doesn’t automatically translate to your crush being gay. The only thing that’s going to make him gay is if he’s actually attracted to men. You can straight up ask him if he’s gay or not, but that can come off as too crass. And take note, not every gay guy is open about their sexuality. So even if you ask your crush about his sexual orientation, he may not answer you honestly.

But a person’s mannerisms can tell you a lot about them. Even if he denies to being gay, whether he does it consciously or unconsciously, he’s actions will still reveal the truth.

If you’re wondering about your crush’s sexuality, or if you think your gay radar is picking up on something but you’re not quite sure about it, then you need to look out for these subtle and obvious signs that will tell you if he is gay.

He’s overly clingy with his male friends.

Signs he is gay

Men’s friendships are unlike what you have with your girls where you’re glued to the hip. Female friendships are so tight you call or text each other about the new shop or the new restaurant you want to visit. Females don’t mind being touchy with each other. You can sleep on your girl best friend’s shoulder while you’re on a road trip and it’s perfectly fine. Male buddies, on the other hand, have a different way of going about their friendship. Skinship for them is maybe through an occasional fist bump or a bro hug. And they hang out to play video games while possibly trash-talking each other. They’re rougher and less touchy-feely.

So if you notice that your crush likes to be overly affectionate with his male friends, then we may have a situation here. Maybe he’s frequently touching their arms, brushing his fingers through their hair, or sitting way too close with his body leaning towards his friend. It’s not just his body language you need to watch out for. Also, pay attention to how he treats his male friends. Does he laugh at his friend’s corny jokes as if it’s the funniest thing in the world? Is he always making excuses to meet up with his male friends? If the answer is yes, then your suspicions of him being gay are probably right.

He has a group of girls he always hangs out with

This is a bit on the extreme side of what we previously said. If he’s not overly clingy with his male friends, then it can be the opposite. You don’t see him with guys, but you notice that your crush is always hanging out with a group of girls. This can be a sign that he’s gay. Some gay guys are more comfortable in the company of females because they can better express their feminine side without any judgment.

You’ve caught him staring at other men more than a few times.

Signs he is gay

Yup. You’ve seen him stare at another man’s ass or pecs before. It wasn’t by accident, because you’ve seen him do it more than a couple of times. And when he noticed how you caught him checking out this guy, he immediately looked away and regained his macho persona, to keep you off his scent.

If your crush is gay, trust us, he can’t help but stare if another good-looking guy is right in front of him, much like how you are when your crush is right in front of you.

He’s way too critical of gay people.

Listen to the way your crush talks about gay guys. Does he ridicule them? Is he always making fun of them?

This sounds ironic, but it can be a sign that he’s actually gay. You see, it seems that the closeted gays are the ones who are most critical about homosexuals. It’s probably because they think that by bashing gay men, they won’t ever be associated with them. Thus, their secret is safe and will never be found out. Well, actions speak louder than words.

He has in-depth knowledge of fashion brands.

Signs he is gay

Just a disclaimer: Some straight guys do have a good sense of fashion. But if your crush is gay, he’s most likely going to have a pretty good taste in fashion. Plus, he can probably give you a makeover if he wanted to. He knows all about the trendy brands and what’s in and out. He’s just like your fashion guru.

The takeaway

We don’t want you pining away after a guy you have no shot at. So we strongly suggest you keep an eye out for these signs and if they’re all there, then girl, move on, he’s gay! Of course, you can always take everything here with a grain of salt. But it’s always a good idea to check first if your crush doesn’t play for the other team.