How to use A Postate Anal SEX Toy

A prostate massager is a sex toy that’s specifically designed to stimulate a man’s prostate gland, sometimes know as the P-spot. Most men move on to prostate sex toys once they've discovered the area with fingers first, but go with whatever feels right to you.

Most prostate massagers, r have a tapered tip to ease insertion and a rounded head to ensure stimulation in the correct spot. Some also feature an external stimulator to give extra attention to the perineum, a sensitive area outside of the body.

Although many people see larger prostate massagers as more advanced, the bigger ones, like the , are actually ideal for beginners as they find your P-spot much more quickly.

The smaller the surface area of the massager,  the harder it will be to find the prostate gland but the more intense the experience.

Deciding on whether you want a prostate massager with vibrations or not is a personal choice. Just remember - you can turn vibrations off if you don’t like them but you can’t add them to a non-vibrating prostate massager!

Whichever type of prostate massager you decide to go for, using them is much the same. Position yourself comfortably, either on your back with your legs raised or bent over with your upper body leaning on a couch or bed.

Once you are ready, apply a lubricant like to both yourself and the toy - this will make stimulation easy and pain free. If this is your first time indulging in anal play then make sure to go slow and steady.

Once you have inserted the toy, start with a rubbing motion, moving your finger around the prostate gland, making a mental note of which areas feel especially nice. You can then try applying more pressure to the area and seeing what effect it has on your body. Many men will find that with the more pressure they apply to the prostate gland, the closer they feel to orgasm but remember that you can reduce the force at any time to slow things down. You might also like to try an up-and-down motion, where the toy strokes over the prostate gland rapidly, for more intense stimulation.

With experience, some men  find that they can achieve a hands-free orgasm by clenching and releasing their muscles and letting the toy move with the body. The  range of prostate massagers are regarded as the very best non-vibrating prostate massagers, and are known for their ability to give men long, powerful, hands-free orgasms and come in a range of sizes and shapes.

The most important thing to remember is to go slowly and when it comes to using a prostate massager, experimentation is key. If the first toy you try doesn't do it for you, you will be able to find an alternative (smaller, bigger, more vibrations, no vibrations!) within our range.