How to Milk your Prostate and experience Anal orgasm

# – The Ultimate Prostate Milking Process

Many gay top guys are missing out on anal orgasm. They avoid anything coming close to their ass

I get it. I was one of them. 

Until I studied some more and discovered how many pleasures prostate stimulation brings.

Women get G-spot, but we get our own P-spot, and it holds the pleasure that will intensify your normal penis orgasms AND…

It can give you a completely new type of orgasm: a prostate orgasm.

Yes, some women like anal sex, but the truth is men have even more reasons to enjoy anal stimulation than women.

We have a prostate that we can stimulate, women just have erectile tissue there.

If you are open-minded and ready to get your mind blown, you can proceed.

Set aside plenty of time (30-45 minutes), get into relaxing mood and lay down on your side naked.

The process itself is simple:

  • You’ll use a lot of lube
  • Arouse yourself to hard and horny state, then stop stroking your penis
  • Take it slow remembering if it’s painful: you’re doing it wrong, think 20-30 minutes. You won’t get in a pleasant way, if you rush it. 
  • Relax your butt and breathe
  • Massage around the anus slowly getting deeper inside using your index finger (put your hand in the rectum from your back, not between the legs – you’ll have better reach)
  • With your finger slowly moving in, breathe deeply. When breathing in – relax, when you breathe out contract your PC muscles and your lower abdomen (the same as Sexual Transmutation technique, just add PC muscle contractions)
  • When you get in about two knuckles in, face your finger toward the front of your body and find a walnut size bump – that’s your P-spot
  • Massage it gently up and down, or circle the spot
  • Keep the breathing and massaging and you’ll slowly but surely approach your first prostate orgasm.

The enjoyable pressure, the speed of stimulation will be different to each guy. Play around, following and discovering new, intense sensations.

But yeah…here it helps to get a prostate massager to help with the process. Less work, more pleasure…

we have the highest quality and best ergonomically shaped stimulators currently in the market. (But they might not be best for first-time users, hands free massagers with motor are better suited if you don’t know yet what you are doing).

You can just stick it in… Focus on breathing and contractions, give it time and let the prostate orgasm slowly approach.

Optional: If you’re not ready yet for prostate milking through your rectum, you can also massage yourself on the perineum area (a place between your anus and balls).

The prostate is much further away compared to when stimulated anally, but you’ll still get some, new pleasurable sensations.

Try it at least once! Put your taboos aside.

Give prostate milking a proper attempt and then decide whether you want to keep it. 

But when you do try it, you just may get addicted to this new kind of orgasm 🙂