How to make your Bottom to 'C*m' handsfree

What Is a Prostate Orgasm?

A prostate orgasm is an orgasm achieved by massaging the prostate gland (sometimes called "prostate milking") with direct stimulation from a finger, penis, or sex toy. Prostate orgasms are typically more intense than penile orgasms and may even trigger muscle contractions caused by a euphoric full-body orgasm. This pleasurable sensation is partially attributable to the fact that the prostate gland is surrounded by thousands of sensitive nerve endings that normally go untouched.

How to Find the Prostate

Before you can experience prostate pleasure, you first need to know how to find the prostate, which is located below the bladder near the rectum. It is easier to find the prostate when you are sexually aroused because arousal triggers additional blood flow to the prostate, causing it to swell to a larger size. Partaking in foreplay or masturbation beforehand will make finding the prostate easier.

You can stimulate the prostate externally by massaging the area between the scrotum and anus—the perineum, or taint. While external prostate play can be pleasurable, anal penetration is generally required to produce a powerful prostate-induced orgasm. To find the prostate, insert your finger or an anal toy into the anus about two to four inches deep. Angle your finger or prostate toy toward the belly button, and you should feel the prostate through the rectum's front wall. It’s about the size of a walnut and will feel firm.

5 Tips for Giving a Prostate Orgasm

Any type of anal sex can be intimidating the first time. Before you try it, discuss partaking in anal stimulation with your partner so that you're certain you have their consent.

  1. 1. Start with your finger. Until your partner feels comfortable with prostate play, use your finger instead of a sex toy since it's typically smaller and you have more control. For the most comfortable experience, trim your fingernails and wear a glove, finger cot, or condom over your finger.
  2. 2. Use lots of lube. As with all types of anal play, it's crucial that you use lube for maximum comfort. First, apply lubricant around the rim of the anus and then inside as well (you can make this part of your foreplay). Once your partner feels loosened up, apply more lube to your finger or prostate toy before insertion.
  3. 3. Give your partner time to feel at ease. Refrain from immediately massaging the prostate. Instead, give your partner at least thirty seconds to simply grow accustomed to the feeling of your finger in their body. Once they are relaxed, begin moving your finger.

Best sex position

 gay missionary position, and it was in this position that most gays experience anal orgasm. As a bottom If your partner is very well hung, you will need to take things easy because this position allows for maximum penetration as well.

You may also want to position a cushion or a pillow under your but to lift your pelvis up, and if your partner is going for maximum penetration, ask him to do long thrusts where he almost comes out completely before thrusting in again. This will allow his erection to fully stimulate your prostate with each thrust. You will clearly feel if your prostate is being stimulated and if it is not, just get your partner to push your legs a bit further back.