How to last longer than 2 minutes in Bed


There is more ways to enjoy sex beyond the routine of mere thrusting during intercourse.

Sex is more about the experience of being together, and not just about the act in itself. Intimacy involves more than just sex.

When having sex, if you feel like you are about to orgasm, stop and change over to some other activity.

Try moving over to oral sex or other forms of foreplay like stroking or giving each other a massage, still continuing to enjoy the intimacy without the need to ejaculate and finish too soon to enjoy pleasure for a longer time


Use a cock -ring - You can wear a cockring during sex and this would delay ejaculation . Please click here to buy one


If you and your sex partner do not like the thought of changing over to foreplay in the midst of intercourse, switch your positions.

The Kama Sutra describes hundreds of positions for sexual intercourse. Not only does this let you last longer in bed, trying new positions in bed helps infuse more adventure into sex and stimulate your body in more ways than you could have ever imagined.

And as long as your body is enjoying these new experiences, it will put off the need to climax.


Probably one of the most important and easiest ways to last longer is to having a stress-free, relaxed approach towards sex.

The more you stress about it or the more distracted you are during sex, the sooner your body will want to finish.

Get everything else out of your mind, and focus only on getting close with your partner and having a good time. The more you look forward to sex, the lesser you dread it, and the better you are at it.