How to give head to an uncut Dick really good

BJ Techniques When He’s Uncut

Most of the blow job techniques listed above work best when your man is circumcised or “cut.” While some of the tips transfer without any adjustments if your man is uncircumcised or “uncut,” others need adjustments, and some BJ techniques won’t work at all.

There’s no need to worry, however! There are some special techniques that you can only use on guys that are uncircumcised. The difference is that uncut guys have extra foreskin, also known as the prepuce [10, 11], which partially or completely covers the glans. Uncut guys also have more frenulum along the underside of their glans [12].

Pull it back – The foreskin gets tighter when a man is erect, but the tightness varies, so you’ll need to get used to his foreskin when blowing him. Some foreskin is pretty tight when the guy is hard, so there’s not much wiggle room there.

But not too much – This might seem confusing, but pulling the foreskin all the way back can be quite uncomfortable for some guys. So you don’t need to push it as far back as it can go, just enough to expose at least part of the head. A guy won’t feel much if you’re stimulating him through his foreskin, so you need to pull it back to have direct access to the head of his penis.

Switch it up – Pulling back the foreskin means you can focus on just the tip of his penis using the techniques , but this can become overwhelming for a guy who is uncut. According to research, cut guys are less likely to ask their partner to be gentler on their penis [13], they want more stimulation; although, women may not always notice a difference in sensitivity [14]. Remember that the foreskin causes an uncut guy’s glans to be extra sensitive, so you may want to let the foreskin move back into place from time to time.

Use the foreskin – You can actually stroke the foreskin across his glans, which feels great for many uncut guys. You can also use this time to give your mouth a break! It’s also a good way to give him less stimulation and make your blow job last longer.

Swirl your tongue – When you’re ready to take his penis back into your mouth, keep the foreskin down over his penis and insert your tongue between the head of his cock and foreskin. Give it a swirl or three. He’s sure to enjoy it! Roll your tongue around as you push the foreskin back off his glans.

Suck and squeeze, gently – If a guy is uncut, you can orally stimulate his foreskin as well as the glans and shaft. This is a technique for a good blow job that will set you apart from other women who may not be sure how to go down on an uncut cock. Suckle and squeeze your lips around his foreskin. Start gently and SLOWLY increase the intensity.

Remember that each guy has his own preference for how much pressure and foreskin attention he likes, which is why it’s essential for you to talk to him about what he likes.