How to get him sexually addicted to you

The Goal: What you want is for him to feel good about himself
when he is with you.

He will then associate great feeling to being with you and he will feel addicted again, just like when you first met


Any guy, anywhere, any country, any religion.

Even if he’s into aliens, he’ll be addicted if you consistently do these three things


1. Keep The Mystery Alive

Now, a man might be pushing hard to get everything in the bedroom done all at once, but that doesn’t mean that it’s more likely to keep him around and keep him wanting more if he finally gets it.

Quite the contrary.

When there’s something that a man hasn’t had yet, he’s gonna be constantly thinking about it.

He’ll be literally addicted to the thought of getting that from you

Now, you’re a sexual  gay man, and that’s amazing, and you probably want to have everything in bed as well, but that doesn’t mean that you should do that.

Hold off on that, especially if you’re not yet in a relationship.

Remember that having him wondering, “What’s next?”

That’s the very thing that’s going to make him really want to come back for more.


2 Surprise Him With Something He’s Not Expecting

Predictability is the enemy of attraction

And I’m sorry to tell you , a guy is not just gonna get addicted to missionary.

There, I said it.

If you can surprise him with something that he’s already told you that he likes…that would be even better


You need to figure out what types of things your man likes. Maybe he adores regular missionary position, or perhaps he prefers a variation of doggy style. It could be talking dirty that really intensifies sex and makes it addicting for him, or maybe seeing you in some sexy undies puts him over the edge.

A particular obscure fetish, or even just getting oral sex could be your man's biggest wish. When you're the one that can give him everything the wanted in the bedroom, then you can be assured that your man will become addicted to you.