How I make Anal sex sweet and pleasurable with my boyfriend

Some years ago I met this Cypriot chubby bi-male, for oral fun. We used to meet and just suck each other in parks and parking lots. One day we decided to meet in a hotel room, for the privacy and full naked fun.

We had a few drinks and decided to take a shower together. Washing each other’s privates, he rubbed his cock against me from behind, which made both of us hard. He suggested we go to the bed. Lying on the bed stark naked, we continued stroking each other and giving oral in 69.

Then he started rimming me and sensing my enjoyment, he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me for a change.
At that time I hadn’t experienced anal for a very long time. Seems that he was well prepared for it with lube in his little bag that he carried. I lay on my back, legs up in the air, while he started gently slipping his lubed finger in my hole.

Once my hole was relaxed and wider, he got on top of me and rubbed his cock-head against my asshole. Pleasure was so immense, I was pushing my hole towards his cock, but he was telling me to take it easy. I couldn’t wait any longer and was stroking my own hard shaft, but he was pushing my hand away. Then he slipped a couple of fingers inside me, took them out and pushed his head in. PAIN!!! I was trying to relax my muscles to accommodate him. He didn’t have a large cock, but the head was quite wide and wouldn’t go in. With a final strong push, he popped it in.

Gradually pushing all the way, until it felt like it was all the way up my belly. He asked me if I’m OK, I just told him to shut up and go at it. Once he was balls deep, he started pumping hard and getting faster.
To tell you honestly, I didn’t feel his cock throbbing inside me or giving me any signs. All I know that he moaned loud, thrust hard and I CAME myself so hard that my own cum shot my face…!!!
He eased out, leaving me with my ass full of cum.

Next time it was my turn, but that’s a different story

There are lots of nerve endings around the anus making for intense feeling, and a prostate inside.

Psychologically for me, it’s the feeling of being filled by a man’s dick and I’m submitting my body for him to enjoy. All that raging male lust, powering into me, and all because I’m willing and able. It’s humbling and empowering.