How does it Feel when you are penetrated ?

Read the stories of two of our followers as they share their experience


For me there’s only been one time where anal was pleasurable for me. The guy used lube and it felt so good while he was in me that I was pushing back against him so I could get him all the way in. I wanted to feel every inch of him going in and out of me.

He was around 6–7 inches maybe but it was still amazing. Because it felt so good, I had wished at that moment that he was bigger, say 9–10 inches maybe, so I could feel even more of him going deeper into me.

Lube is the best way to have anal in my opinion. I wouldn’t recommend amateur alternatives like saliva or even vaseline. Lube feels best and helps everything go smoothly (pun intended)



I found my bisexuality 5 years ago and had till last year only ever been top when having sex with another guy, but last year I started to become curious about what it was like to receive a cock inside you rather then be the one giving it.

As for what it feels like when the penis enters your anus that depends on whether they guy fucking you is gentle or rough when doing it. My 1st time of having a guy push his cock into my anus and up into me was earlier this year and was a thrilling pleasurable experience for me, as he took the time to make sure my anus was ready by using plenty of lube round it & inside & had used 2 or 3 fingers to open me up a bit 1st before pushing his nice hard cock into me and slowly starting to fuck me, I loved every minute of it and I will be getting fucked again as well as being the one doing fucking