7 unconventional masturbation styles that would blow your mind

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1. The plastic wrap - Fill a plastic bag with lubricant of your choice. I've used Vaseline body lotion. Although this involves moving your hands, the feeling is entirely different!

2. Tip teasing- Simple and no complications involved! Tingle the tip of your cock (frenulum) while you play with your balls. Remember to be gentle. This technique will keep you on for hours till you have an orgasm that will explode your balls!

3. Finger stroke - This was how I used to do it when I first discovered "penis as the source of pleasure", when I wasn't even mature enough to ejaculate. It's a bit difficult to describe. Spread out your fingers and stroke the penis tip by waving your hand up and down as fast as possible such that all your four fingers (except the thumb) hit the penis tip moderately hard. Alternatively, hold your cock base with one hand to keep it stable. It can't help you stay longer, but believe me, I've had out of the world dry orgasms and ejaculations using this technique!

4. In the night sheets - Simple one again! While you sleep at night, shut down all your devices, even the one's running porn. Undress yourself completely inside your sheets. Lie upside down and rub your dick. Play with other parts of your body while you do so! Remember to keep a cloth handy when you ejaculate, or else you will be all over your bed! I normally keep my underpants reachable when I am at the point of no return. Don't be too hard, or else you have a risk of suffering from TMS or Prone masturbation (Google for more info)

5. Shower head - Point your shower head directly on to your penis tip. It's similar to tip tingling but the water makes it feel even amazing! Make the shower stream occasionally hit your balls. Remember - Do not touch your dick. Just let the shower do its work!

6. The warm wrap - This is while you are taking a bath. Get a cloth (Again, I use my underwear) and dip it into warm water- the one which your balls can tolerate. Sit on your knees and your butt touching the floor. Now wrap the cloth around your balls and breathe deeply as you caress your dick. The combination of warm wrap on your balls and cold bathroom floor on your butt creates an amazing combo! After a while of doing this, lather yourself with a gentle soap, lie down in the bathroom with your legs up in the air and start playing with your cock and balls in the lather. Don't stroke to and fro. Just use random hand movements! You'll have the time of your life! Ensure that there's no one else in your house to hear your moans and screams or doubt what you were doing in the bathroom for so long!! :P

7. Massage - This is the most incredible one. Massage yourself down there with warm oils. I have used Castor Oil, Coconut oil, Tamarind oil, Sesame oil, Olive oil etc. Make your choice. Remember to be gentle and kind to your cock. You can enjoy for hours if you are gentle enough and the orgasm will leave a permanent memory in your life! Bonus - oil massages are good for your erections too!