5 Pleasure Points That Will Drive Your Man Absolutely Crazy

Here are 5 pleasure points your man Here are the 5 pleasure points that your man wants you to touch, besides the obvious ones, of course.


Most men love having their ears nibbled! While kissing, take a break to catch your breath and then whisper sexy nothings into his ear! Be gentle and try moving your tongue around his ear. It will get him all set for further action.



Kisses on the neck can make you feel ecstatic, as you kick back and absorb in the pleasure. Men too, love being kissed on the neck. If you want to take it slow, kiss him gently on the sides of his neck. However, if the sparks too fierce (and why shouldn’t they be!) this is the best place to get rough! Target your love bites right here, and claim what is yours.


His inner thighs are the most sensitive when it comes to arousal. While kissing, you can simply let your hand slide between his legs. Begin caressing his inner thighs and you’ll see the excitement go up!


 Men too love it when their nipples are licked and sucked on. So go ahead and return the favour!


The maximum nerve-endings are on the head. So you can give him goosebumps by simply working up the head. It’s not exactly a hand job, but can be a prelude to it, if you’re up for it. We know he is!